The European Flour Millers’ association has joined the Primary Food Processors (PFP), the new European food industry organisation representing the first‐processing sectors in Brussels. With some 45 million tones of common wheat and rye processed in the EU each year, the European flour milling industry is the largest single food user of EU domestic wheat and rye.

“We strongly believe in synergies between first‐processing industries’ interests on EU regulatory issues – PFP has been a long‐awaited project which will significantly enhance food representation in Brussels” said Rolf Brack, President of the European Flour Millers. PFP is currently composed of five sector associations actively working with flour, starch, sugar, vegetable protein, vegetable oil and meal products. Industries in these sectors
transform raw materials into vital ingredients for food, feed and non‐food uses.

PFP members form a vital link in the food chain, delivering sustainably produced, highquality, safe food for our customers and the consumer. The quality and safety of both agricultural raw materials and end products is paramount to our industries.

For Frank van Lierde, President of PFP, “The European flour millers are consolidating the
vegetal interests of the primary food processors, which are now able to reflect credibly and
authoritatively the horizontal concerns of our industries”.

The primary food processing industry uses around 220 million tonnes of agricultural raw commodities (cereals, sugar beet, rapeseeds, soybeans, sunflower seeds, crude vegetable oil, starch potatoes…) a year, employing over 120,000 people in Europe.

More information on PFP is available at www.pfp‐

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