Following the political agreement on the CAP reform on 26 June 2013, CEFS (Comité Européen des Fabricants de Sucre) is disappointed that after difficult discussions the end date for the current Single CMO for sugar is not closer to the Parliament’s original position of 2020.

The end of the current Single CMO for sugar marks a historical moment for the sector. CEFS has been consistent in asking for the prolongation of the Single CMO for sugar until 2020 because it provides the sector with predictability and stability – it counters world market instability.

This decision comes so soon after a drastic reform in which the sector acted responsibly by restructuring. This saw the closure of 83 factories (one in two) and the loss of more than 22,000 direct jobs. Ending the current Single CMO for sugar three years ealier than planned (from 2020 to 2017) without the correct mechanisms in place i.e. a sector specific “safety net” to pre-empt difficult market situations, risks undermining the sector’s efforts to become more efficient at a time when it is continuing to optimise its competitiveness in order to compete on the world market on an equal footing after 2017. The sector also continues to make a considerable net financial contribution to the EU’s budget.

Speaking after the announcement Mr Marihart, CEFS President, said: “We are at the heart of Europe. We process sugar in 18 member states, supporting 180,000 indirect and direct jobs and 160,000 beet growers. While the political agreement on sugar should have gone further, we now look to Europe’s decision makers to ensure our long-term viability – so we can continue to contribute to a smart, sustainable and inclusive future in Europe and for Europe.”

CEFS now looks to the Parliament and the Council to adopt and implement the political decisions taken in a timely manner. Legal clarity and market stability is of the upmost importance for the industry and CEFS calls for workable and reliable technical provisions to be implemented to guarantee the sector’s future.

Download the .pdf version of the press release here.