EU sugar manufacturers welcome the agreement reached at yesterday’s European Council meeting to extend the UK’s membership of the European Union to 31 October 2019.

For now, the risk of the UK falling out of the EU without a deal is diminished. But it is not eliminated.

We hope strongly that cool heads will prevail and that the withdrawal agreement negotiated between the EU-27 and the UK will be ratified  as soon as possible.

As for the future relationship, we remain convinced that the best option to avoid disruption of EU-UK trade and of the EU sugar market itself would be for the UK to remain in the Single Market and customs union. Failing this, the EU-27 and the UK must do everything possible to avoid any disruption of the very substantial flows of sugar that are traded across the English channel.

A no-deal Brexit would be nothing less than catastrophic for the sector, which is currently suffering under the lowest prices in almost thirteen years. We therefore call on the European Commission to prepare contingency measures to support the sector should the UK fall out of the EU without a deal in the coming months

Download the .pdf here.