On 9 November 2020, the European Sugar Manufacturers (CEFS) organised a webinar to explore the challenges and opportunities of reaching climate neutrality by 2050.

Jesper Thomassen, Managing Director of Nordic Sugar Denmark & Sweden and chair of CEFS WG Environment exchanged views with Isobel Findlay and Thomas Brinkmann from DG CLIMA and Monika Figaj from the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment.

Jesper Thomassen explained the substantial efforts the EU sugar sector already made in reducing GHG emissions and the sector’s commitment to continue on this path provided the further transition would take into account the particularities of the sector and guarantee its competitiveness.

DG CLIMA emphasised, with regard to the ETS review, the importance of an increased target, but that further reflection was needed on the modalities which in any case would need to be WTO compatible. Monika Figaj pointed to the importance of good implementation and indicated the concern that the extension of ETS to other sectors risks leading to price increases and will make energy poverty grow.

Take 3 minutes to discover a short video summarising the discussions here