Starch Europe is a partner to governments, industry and other stakeholders who support a strong, sustainable starch industry.

  • Starch Europe strives to protect and promote the interests of the European starch industry so that it can continue to provide a reliable and sustainable supply of safe starch-based ingredients in a fair competitive environment whilst addressing the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.
  • With a manufacturing history spanning more than 100 years and backed by decades of experience, we closely monitor global trends that will impact our industry including environment, raw materials, operations and external markets.
  • As an experienced partner specialised in this sector, Starch Europe strives to connect with external parties, including policy makers and other stakeholders in order to maximise the opportunities and minimise the threats open to the starch industry.
  • Ensuring a viable and sustainable market for the European starch industry to operate in requires us to identify and respond to the challenges faced by our customers, communities and other key stakeholders in the EU.
  • In helping to address the key issues confronting the continued sustainability and economic contribution of the European starch industry, the Starch Europe serves a vital source of information and industry insight.

About Starch Europe

Our industry acts responsibly in terms of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and business ethics. We understand that it is a business imperative to manage our industry’s resources responsibly, set meaningful targets to reduce emissions, and develop resilient infrastructure that can withstand a changing climate.

  • As demand for energy continues to rise, the European Starch industry is doing its part to reduce energy consumption and deliver clean energy solutions that do not contribute to climate change. We are also pursuing ongoing efforts to track and improve our impact, from our supply chain to our operations and products.

Our issues on environmental policy

  • We support transparent and regular engagement with our stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, policy-makers, media and civil society at large to ensure:
    • sufficient supply of good quality raw materials at competitive prices
    • fair competition with competing products
    • recognition of starch’s role in the bio-economy
    • adequate rules on labelling and use
    • international trade rules that maintain the EU starch industry’s competitiveness