European Association
of Sugar Manufacturers

European Association
of Sugar Manufacturers

27 01, 2021


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Sugar has been part of our diet for many centuries and contributes to making our traditional homemade foods. It is a carbohydrate and carbohydrates provide the body with the energy that our organs and muscles need to function. Besides its sweet taste, sugar contributes to the colour, flavour and texture of food [...]

9 10, 2020

The EU sugar industry: facing challenges, supporting a just transition

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Today (Friday 9 October 2020), the social partners CEFS and EFFAT (representing trade unions) held their online Social Dialogue meeting. Topics discussed during the meeting included: COVID-19, Brexit and the CEFS and EFFAT joint project. The social partners' joint statement summarising key messages from the meeting can be found via this link.    

15 02, 2018

Food and Feed Labelling

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Food labelling CEFS supports the clear, informative, science-based, and non-misleading labelling of food products in order to help consumers make informed choices. This is why CEFS follows the implementation and interpretation of Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 on food information to consumers (FIC), which establishes the general principles, requirements, and responsibilities governing food information, and [...]

15 02, 2018

Environment and Sustainability

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The EU sugar sector is on a journey to sustainability, at the heart of rural communities. While it is already contributing to the objectives set by the European Commission in the EU Green Deal, the sector is continuously working to reduce the environmental impacts of sugar production while guaranteeing a steady supply to the [...]

15 02, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Further reading Ahmadi-Abhari S. et al., Dietary Intake of Carbohydrates and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer-Norfolk Study. Br. J. Nutr. 2014; 111(2), S. 342–352. Anderson C.A. et al. Sucrose and dental caries: a review of the evidence. In Central aspects of sugars in human nutrition. Obesity Reviews Volume [...]